Central America-4 Border Control Agreement

My question is: do we still have to present our passports at the borders or can we just stay on the bus/ keep running? I understand that it is like the Schemgen agreement, where there are sometimes no border posts. You must present your passport at any border, you pay 3 USD to enter Honduras, 12/13 USD, to obtain Nicaraguan participations. If you leave Guatemala, it actually happens to me, they said that because I was only Guatemalan for two days and would only give me 30 days, not the time I had left on my original visa before entering Belize. They generously offered to take the paperwork for 200Q and gave me 90 days. It is certainly not like the Schengen agreement in Europe. As a general rule, no less than 90 days required. Belize issues 30-day visas. The centro America 4 (CA-4) agreement allows 90 days for Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. Hello everyone, don`t be surprised but visa requirements in Nicaragua and Guatemala… I understand that they have an agreement with El Salvador and Honduras, and I come from NZ, so I know we don`t need a special visa, we get the 90 days every 4 days… only need 6 months of valid passport and proof of travel. Where was the hearsay in the comments? And who is in charge of China? maybe someone in the Asian industry, but the initial contribution was to cross borders in Central America, not China. Obviously, you have not exceeded these limits, Salvador immigration goes through your passport with a fine tooth, although you entered by gautemala or nicaragua, I know, but I did.

Keep in mind that if you need a visa for a particular country and you land at a land border without an arrival, you will probably have to return to the nearest city that has a consulate and get a visa. Normally, airlines do not allow you to board a country for which you do not have the required visa. A visa as such also cannot guarantee entry: in rare cases, you may still be returned to the border if you do not have sufficient resources for your visit or for a plane or return ticket. We`re doing the same thing. Americans. The above article is correct. Number 12 to enter Nic. We showed passports at every border. We did not receive a stamp that entered El Salvador and left what I found strange, but they said we didn`t need him. We got stamps everywhere. We have heard that some people only receive 30 days when they enter the first country. Not sure why, but make sure he told you 90 otherwise it`s a huge hatred we were told.

Happy travel The main value of the agreement is that the inhabitants of these small countries do not need a passport to travel among themselves. Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua are part of the Central American Border Agreement (CA-4). Under the agreement, tourists can travel within one of the ca-4 countries (including El Salvador) for up to 90 days without completing entry and exit procedures at border inspection posts. This period begins at the first point of entry into one of the CA-4 countries. Fines are imposed on travellers who exceed the 90-day limit, although an application for an extension may be made 30 days before the 90-day limit expires. British, Australian, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and U.S. passport holders travelling to Mexico for tourism purposes do not require a 180-day residence visa, but require a blue tourism card that you can obtain by filling out an immigration form available at the city`s crossing points or on flights to Mexico. You can also receive them before travelling to Mexican consulates.

A) Buy a bus ticket across the border that you probably don`t intend to take There are many borders in Central America (as well as anywhere in the world) where official regulations require you to have certain documents such as proof of an ongoing theft, a recent statement of account to prove that you have ways to support yourself, etc.